3 Things You Can Do to Boost your Immune System and Improve your Health

As the world continues to recover and return to normal from the blight of the recent pandemic, the steps, and measures people continually have to take to stay healthy and avoid any illness are all the more prevalent and important. Our bodies are complex systems made up of different parts and the key to good health lies in them. Making sure our organs and bodies remain healthy is a challenging task as we need to be mindful of the things we do and eat to keep them strong and healthy.

Our bodies work in a delicate balance and preserving this balance is key to keeping healthy and even boosting your immune system. Many doctors such as Dr James Fleckenstein recommend developing good health habits that contribute to making you feel healthier. We’re here to help with this as we have gathered some of the best habits that you can start doing which will help boost your immune system and keep healthy.

Keep Rested and Have Proper Hours of Sleep

Sleep is perhaps one of the most important activities we need to do for our bodies. Sleeping allows our bodies to recover and cool down from the activities and strain we have placed on them throughout the day. Many people will tell you to get around 8 hours of sleep and for good reason as too little or too much can make you feel tired and lethargic.

An additional habit you can pick up from getting the recommended hours of sleep is to have a consistent sleep schedule. While it is almost impossible to sleep at the same time every night, it is important to sleep in the same time period as it helps your body relax and feel refreshed.

Start a Slow and Calming Hobby

One of the best ways you can spend your free time is to spend it on something you would call a hobby. Hobbies are the best way to develop a new skill or pursue an interest that you have been looking into. Look for a hobby that doesn’t involve a lot of intense activities but instead allows you a moment of calm and reprise. Hobbies such as gardening, fishing, writing, and simple arts & crafts can easily achieve the effect of calming you down which helps reduces your stress levels.

Cut Down from Smoking and Alcohol

It comes as no surprise that these 2 things can have negative impacts on your health. The latter can cause adverse health problems if you continue to make a habit of it and the former can be very damaging to the body if not taken into moderation.

Completely stopping from doing any of the 2 is an extremely difficult task but not impossible. While you might not be able to avoid them completely if you have developed a habit, learn to cut down on your consumption of them as you slowly start to stop consuming them. Avoiding 2nd hand smoke is also a good practice especially if they come from people you are close with.

Seeking professional help is also a good move you can make if you are serious about completely stopping.



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Dr James Fleckenstein

James Fleckenstein M.D. is a Radiologist who practices in several locations including Chicago, Ill. He specializes in Diagnostic Radiology and Neuroradiology