Important Facts You Should Know About Visiting A Radiologist

Performing radiology scans is nowadays a pretty standard medical measure. Dr.James Fleckenstein, a practising radiologist in Tulsa, OK and four other states, suggests that visiting a radiologist should be a top priority if you suspect something abnormal in your body.

If you are still curious about radiologists and their importance to you, your article will help you understand more about them.

What does a radiologist do?

A radiologist is a medical doctor whose job is to perform imaging and scans on patients’ bodies. Their mission is to detect the presence of any abnormalities in your bones, tissues, or any internal body part. Radiologists perform different types of radiology tests, including X-rays, CTs, PET scans, and MRIs. They are trained doctors with at least five years of residency. They pursue their speciality by spending at least 2 years of fellowship.

When should you visit a radiologist?

There are numerous cases that require paying a radiologist a visit. Usually, you get a referral from your GP or family doctor. But you can go without a referral as well. You will need a radiologist in different cases. These include:

· If you have a problem with your bones or muscles,

· During pregnancy, a woman would need a couple of ultrasounds.

· If you are suffering from tumors of any type or nature, Mammograms are efficient in diagnosing breast cancer.

· If you have foreign particles in your system,

· Upon suspicion of heart problems, performing echocardiograms can be a recommended measure.

· After an accident or trauma, scans and body imaging tests help reveal the damage.

What to expect when you go to a radiologist

Usually, your appointment with a radiologist won’t require special preparations. However, in some cases, there must be specific tests before some scans. For instance, if you are over 70 years old, you will need a creatinine blood test before going for an MRI. You shouldn’t bring babies or kids to the area of some radiology tests, as there is a risk of exposure to radiation. Typically, these scans use low levels of radiation. So, it is better to ask at the office regarding the safety of these tests on pregnant ladies or young kids.

Why is it important to visit a radiologist?

There are different reasons for this. For instance, your radiologist can literally save your life if they are experienced enough. Dr James Fleckenstein is of the view that it takes a skilled radiologist to understand the details of an imaging test. This way, they can give relevant and reliable opinions on their reports.

For instance, a good radiologist can thoroughly interpret a mammogram. This way, your radiologist will detect presence of malignancy in your breast tissue. Then, you can start treatment with your physician. If you go to your radiologist early on, you will have a huge success rate. Breast cancers are pretty easy to beat provided early detection.

Your radiologist can perform various types of radiology tests such as CTs, x-rays or ultrasounds. The type of scan is determined based on your condition or your physician’s referral. Each type require a different method and special machines. Sometimes, there are preparations associated with the test, you can ask about them in your radiologist’s office.



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Dr James Fleckenstein

James Fleckenstein M.D. is a Radiologist who practices in several locations including Chicago, Ill. He specializes in Diagnostic Radiology and Neuroradiology